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Used Ballistic 7.8m RIB with Evinrude 250HP Outboard Engine and Trailer




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RIB age:


Engine and hours:

Evinrude 250HP Outboard


Large sun pad area with removable sun pad infill cushion
Anchor Locker
Bow Lockers
Front Console Seat
Six Single Jockey Seats


Large sun pad area with removable sun pad infill cushion
Anchor Locker
Bow Lockers
Front Console Seat
Six Single Jockey Seats


Steering Compass
A frame with port and starboard navigation lights


Second hand roller trailer (fully serviced with many new parts)

We are pleased to offer for sale this Second Hand Ballistic 7.8M RIB, a superb example of our most popular model from the Ballistic RIB range.

This Ballistic RIB is fitted with a Evinrude 250HP Outboard Engine which will allow you and your passengers to reach speeds of at least 35 knots, giving you the thrilling fast RIB outings you crave! The Evinrude engine is also a perfect match to the unique hull design that  Ballistic RIB’s offer and the ride has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

As with all Ballistic RIBs, the seating layout on this RIB gives you a huge amount of seating and storage, whilst maximising the available deck space and ensuring that the RIB is spacious enough for you to move around it with ease. The large sun pad area at the bow of the RIB is perfect for sun bathing while at anchor, and the removable sun pad infill cushion gives you the freedom to customise your seating layout depending on your plans for the day. The spacious seat on the front of the console gives two passengers the opportunity to experience the thrill of a high speed Ballistic RIB outing, with the best view available on the RIB over the bow of the boat. The arrangement of single jockey seats at the stern of the boat allows six people to comfortably stand at high speeds, or sit at low speeds in the harbour. There are plenty of hand holds throughout this Ballsitic RIB, ensuring that your passengers can be safe and happy out on the water. There is ample dry storage space in all of the lockers on this RIB, and as with the other RIBs in the Ballistic line, if you can sit on it you can store in it!

Fitted to the console of this Ballistic 7.8M RIB is all the electronics you will need to get out on the water and start exploring the coast. There is a Lowrance X102 Fishfinder, which is perfect for days out fishing to help you find the perfect spot to anchor up and get a good catch. The Garmin echoMAP 55dv allows you to plot your course on the water, and gives great clarity when showing where you are headed, and where you have been. The Fusion Marine stereo will ensure that you and your passengers are kept entertained and having a good time, whether you are travelling at speed, exploring harbours, anchored up in the Solent or moored in Cowes having lunch. To keep you safe out at sea, there is an Icom VHF Radio fitted to the console, with an easy to use handheld attachment for you to radio your local marinas or the harbour master.

Also included with this great Ballistic RIB package is a steering compass fitted to the console, to help with plotting your course and keeping on track to your destination. You also have an A-frame with port and starboard navigation lights fitted to it, to keep you safe when out on the water at night. To keep your RIB looking as clean and tidy, there is also a cover. To give you easy launching and recovery of your RIB, also included with this RIB package is a fully serviced second hand roller trailer.

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