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Ribeye TS 310 Inflatable RIB



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RIB age:

Engine and hours:




Mooring lines
Prop bag
External 23 litre fuel tank
Ribeye sunshade


The Ribeye TS 310 is one of the best tenders to be produced by Ribeye. It features a fully rigid aluminium hull, as well as tough ABS plastic seats that can be inserted and removed to suit your needs.

Even though this Ribeye TS 310 RIB is less than 3 meters on length, as it features a fully rigid aluminium hull, it is capable of handling up to a 15hp outboard motor making her a real pocket rocket!

Pictured with the Selva 9.9hp (Yamaha 9.9, they are identical in every way other than the cowling) and the extreme roller coaster trailer, you can see what a lovely little package this would make as a tender or to be towed around for weekends away.

As the hull of this Ribeye TS 310 is aluminium, the weight of this boat is extremely low. When unloaded and deflated the RIB only weighs 55kg. The low weight along with the retractable wheels placed at the stern of your tender make moving her around on the land a breeze, even when single handed.

As you can see from the photos this Ribeye TS 310 includes the original sun shade that was an optional extra from when the boat was new.

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