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Avon 3.2m JET RIB with Centre Jockey Console




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RIB age:

Engine and hours:


Jockey seat behind the steering
2 man rear bench seat
Bow seat




Trailers are available however are not included in the sale price

This AVON 320 Jet Rib will make an ideal tender for a for a larger boat, this is a great option due to the increased power and sea capabilities of a RIB over a fully inflatable tender.

If you are looking to aspire to a Jet Rib from a Jet Ski, this Rib will be ideal for you.

With generous seating for 3 plus the driver its a great family entertainer.

This AVON 320 Jet Rib is fitted with a 98 horse power 4 stroke Webber engine which is more than capable of pulling a water skier or wake boarder from the well placed towing eye at the stern on the Rib.

As this is a Jet Rib there is no need to worry about ropes getting caught in the propeller as there isn’t one! This also means that the AVON 320 Jet Rib needs very little water to be usable making it great for beach landings.

Come on down to test out this fun Jet Rib and be ready to have some fun in the sun.

02392 397000 – Info@ribsforsale.com

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