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Marine Brokerage


Why use JBT / ribsforsale.com to sell your RIB?


Why can we sell your RIB easily for you?

All ribsforsale.com do is sell rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). We know the RIB market. We sell more used RIBs than anyone else. We deal with every RIB manufacturer, engine distributor and specialist company in the U.K. and in Europe. We need to know your RIB because even then it can still take a specialist broker 8 weeks to sell your RIB. (National average to sell a boat is 8 months!). We are available 363 days a year to show people your RIB, send out details, pictures and specifications. We can arrange demonstrations, advertising (National and international), displays, valeting, part exchanges, finance, surveys and everything else that is needed to sell your RIB. In addition to all this we have one of the most popular specialist web sites on the internet: www.ribsforsale.com. Our site attracts only potential RIB buyers, we do not sell any other boats.


What we do for you:

We can arrange and pay for collection anywhere in Europe, we unload the RIB and valet it (costs are deducted when the RIB is sold). We display the RIB, advertise it and show prospective customers the RIB 7 days a week. When we have a buyer, we take deposits via credit, debit card, cash or cheque and can arrange finance through our network of specialist marine lenders. We will even take a part exchange against your RIB, and pay you out the full value of the part exchange!

If your RIB remains unsold after 8 weeks, you may consider taking us up on a cash figure which means you can have a completed deal by the end of 8 weeks guaranteed! No one else offers this service anywhere in the U.K.


What we charge you:

All charges are agreed prior to work being carried out.

First month free, after £14.19/m per month.

Our commission:
We charge £3000 plus VAT or 10% plus VAT- on the sale price of your RIB for our specialist service (whichever is the greater amount on the final sale price).

What you need to do:

Fill out a brokerage form and we will do the rest ! It’s that easy.


Enquiry Form