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Ribs for Sale

An Intro

JBT Marine offers you one of the best selections of new and secondhand rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) and engines in the country. We are based near Portsmouth on the South Coast, U.K.

A visit to our boatyard will give you a great opportunity to compare a wide range of RIBs, boats and engines, saving you time otherwise spent traveling from yard to yard. Please contact us to make an appointment to view, so that we can be sure one of us will be available to see you. We will show you around our boats, giving you our full attention and the benefit of our expertise for as long as you need it. Every RIB, boat and engine that comes in is professionally checked over by our engineers. This means that, where appropriate, we are able to give a warranty on the stock we sell. We are also always happy to consider part-exchanges.

CLICK HERE to view a map of our location at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth, and get directions for traveling by car or boat.


JBT Marine are now the main UK and European distributor for the Ballistic RIB used in the world famous Trans Agulhas race. Only the most rugged and well specified RIBs can withstand such a challenging environment and grueling schedule. These super RIBs are guaranteed to impress with their race ready performance, while their size and stability make them an ideal family boat. Full details on these awesome RIBs can be found at ballisticribs.com. We are well known for taking advantage of bulk purchase opportunities, for example, over 40 RIBs and associated equipment from the year 2000 Camel Trophy event. These RIBs were built to a very high specification and still come back to us for resale from time to time.


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